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Know Jack #271 TV or Not TV

A friend was surprised to learn that I do not own a television. Being free of the screen has been the case off and on throughout my adult life. It has been on since January 2019. Over the last two years I have had occasional exposures but have a strong immune system and try to limit exposures whenever possible.

If you one of the few who has watched television with me, then you know why. Ignorance, malicious falsehood, and social division produce a feverish reaction in me.

The reason is more dietary than religious, social, or cultural. Just as you are what you eat, you are what you expose your senses to. Evil communications corrupt good manners, as one ancient maxim expresses it.

The briefest of exposure to the evil regurgitated from television is nauseating. I’d rather change a bed flooded with C-diff laced stool than watch network programming. This is especially true of the feces labeled “news”.

The infection projected from screens in homes across the nation is a pandemic that makes CoVid pale by comparison. The number of lives taken by this plague largely go unnoticed because they are insidious. They are disguised as food choices, pharmaceutical cures, and institutional imperatives to surrender to the tender care of the State and its regulations.

The broadcast of “correct” thinking is relentless. Its dictates infest every form of programming… and it is programming. If it were not so you would not hear the same phrases repeated ad nauseum across the spectrum of broadcasting. The results parade proudly in the streets and are reinforced on social media. But, such is the nature of addiction. Nothing to fear though—you can quit anytime, right?


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