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Know Jack #268 Redemption

Here at House of Honor, we are in the final stretch of bringing our publishing company’s first novel to print. It is titled Redemption and it is the first in the Mann of God series about life in the Old West.

Rev. Christopher “Kit” Mann, an ex-Confederate cavalryman, has become a man of the cloth since the end of the war. His first church is in the tiny town of Zion, Wyoming. He’s not your average preacher. He’s a usually reserved, soft-spoken, man who exudes a quiet strength of mind and character. Like a lot of veterans, he doesn’t talk much about the war or his past.

But he has an added reason for his reticence. His past has secrets he’d rather no one knew—the deep, dark kind of secrets that could end his ministry before it really begins. Then one day, those secrets ride into town.

Mann must put more than his reputation and ministry on the line—his life and the lives of everyone in town depend on what he does next.

The book has the decidedly Christian themes of redemption and courage running through it. Yet, it does not shy away from life and death on the frontier including the need for Wild West armed conflict resolution in which the final victor may be the hangman.

Mann of God—Redemption by Jack LaFountain will be available on Amazon starting January 15, 2021, from House of Honor.


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