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Know Jack #257 Sharing

“It’s not what we give, but what we share, for the gift without the giver is bare.”

James Russell Lowell

Contrary to what merchants tell you, the greatest gift you will ever give is the gift of yourself. Yes, you with all your foibles, scars, quirks, and craziness—you are the greatest gift you can give. Whether you realize it or not there is someone for whom the joy of your company cannot be surpassed by mere things or sentiments.

There is only one you, unique beyond measure, and irreplaceable. When I think of all those, I have loved whom I will not see again, my heart feels broken and barren.

There is no greater dread for a parent than to look across an empty room at a finely wrapped gift and not see the child who fashioned it. Nor is there a feeling to match the mature child whose parent is gone for the rest of their life.

Yes, we squabble, at times we even believe we hate one another, but when we are lost and lonely there is no cure like the nearness and touch of those souls that are so tightly interwoven with ours.

The ghosts of Christmas past flitter and dance around me in a haunting, cold emptiness and my heart weeps for those I would be near—of loves and lives lost, never to be reclaimed.

Christmas future is nearly here. I look with hope and anticipation for the joys wrapped in flesh and blood who will visit me. Beneath my tree, no presents can be seen, but in my soul, gifts abound.

Though fear stalks the land, I have determined to live until I die. That—my life--is my gift. It may be shaken to see what rattles it makes, it may be stripped of ribbons and bows, or it may lie unopened. Nonetheless, I have poured all of myself into it, for I would not offer a gift that cost me nothing.

Freely you have received the gifts of life, love, joy, and peace, freely give what only the heart can give—yourself.


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