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Know Jack #254 Day of Infamy

Since it was a bit before even my time, when President Roosevelt was on the radio declaring December 7th a date that would live in infamy, I added a personal touch by making it my anniversary. Seems more fitting every time I say it.

It’s not that I vilify my ex, it is more the memory of how unprepared I was for the sudden change in history. The United States and Japan eventually became friends, and so did we. But that is not why I am writing this.

What I wish to do today is salute all those on the decks of the Arizona, Oklahoma, California, West Virginia, and the more than 150 other ships and craft destroyed, and the 2,403 who died seventy-nine years ago today.

I cannot add anything to their bravery or sacrifice, nor to that of those who died in the wake of that day in infamy. In the same vein, I do not detract from them by apologizing for the war or its end. I do not belittle the freedom they gave their lives to preserve by failing to exercise it in accord with my own conscience.

As we prepare for the holidays, reflecting on the advent of God’s great gift, it is well we should reflect on the life, liberty, and opportunity to pursue our own happiness he gave us and remember the brave souls which have preserved it for us.


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