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Know Jack #253 Free Public Education

I had breakfast this morning with a small group of educators. It reminded me of my tours of tuna canneries and sausage factories—never want to see the process a second time. The next time I hear someone say how smart kids are nowadays, I’m going to slap the sh—heck out of them. On the bright side, is the knowledge that I will be dead before today’s crop of elementary students reach the workforce.

Of course, I use the term “workforce” loosely. I doubt many of these products of the educational system will be capable of actual functioning in the process of creating anything at all. Forget writing in cursive, they can’t write—period. They have to have a keyboard.

The problem is not teachers, although why anyone would take the job is beyond me. But then the same was said of me during my nursing career. It’s simply a different kind of feces being dealt with.

The problem is not with facilities or the amount of money being spent. Communities and school boards own a big share of the blame, but more because of their indoctrination has resulted in robot-like compliance with Big Brother. They are, after all, turning out the product expected of them.

The problem lies deeply rooted in the way we go about education—that is viewing it as a “right”. Since the New Deal, Americans have been told repeatedly, and come to believe, that it is the function of the government to educate our children.

But, you might ask, don’t all children deserve an education? It is not a matter of what they do or do not deserve. There is no absolute right to an education except in the minds of the regulatory agencies running education.

Furthermore, there is not an absolute want of an education—that is an assumption made by the “experts” in government with an agenda for the education of future generations of automatons and foisted on the public in the form of compulsory attendance.

The point is simple enough to prove. Stop mandatory attendance at schools and see what happens. The amount of classroom space, individual time with teachers, and dollars per student will skyrocket as those who place no value on education begin to fall away.

There’s no need to fret about these children’s education. I know families very capable of educating their children in the art of getting on a government check. They are doing a proficient job of it as I’m writing.

Besides we only have to educate a few in schools—an elite who think right thoughts. The rest can be educated by PBS, and the major television networks to follow the guidelines needed for the good of all. If it’s good enough for grandma, grandpa, mom, and dad (if he’s around), it’s certainly good enough for their children.

I’m not advocating abolishing public schools. On the contrary, I’m advocating for quality education for those who want it and support the effort. Parents and teachers in partnership to teach children how to be productive, civil, thinking citizens of a free society.

There is no value in what is handed to you free of effort, or in that which is forced upon you. In neither case will an education ensue, except education in how to manipulate the system.

We need a revived “Just Say No” program. No forced education, no toleration of violence against teachers and administrators, no “special” tests, no rewards for simply being passed through the system without demonstrated performance each step of the way.


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