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Know Jack #252 Gifts

Every soul is born with a gift of God and a measure of faith by which to exercise it.

I have a gift for words—spoken and written. That gift most assuredly does not extend to singing them. It is not my only gift, but this is supposed to be a short post. Like the apostle, my written words are more powerful than my physical presence, but I have been called upon to speak and to the sorrow of the hearers—sing.

I have this gift by the grace of God. I believe that I was born with it. That gift was as well developed as my skill of locomotion. I had to learn how to make it work and practice, practice, practice. I still must work at it—still have not scratched the surface of what I need to know.

You have likewise been born with natural gifts and abilities. You were given these things to bring meaning and purpose to your life and to enrich the lives of others. Life may demand activities that keep you from your gift. Maybe, like me, you have to take up a vocation to pay the bills and support a family that your gift could not.

We sometimes have to do things we would rather not to live. That is the world we inherited. Do not neglect the gift that is in you. Find time, make time, take time, but spend time with your gift as it is the key to your joy. And your joy shed abroad to others by the Holy Spirit is the real importance of spiritual gifts.


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