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Know Jack #248 The Face of Fear

Every person experiences fear at some point in their lives. Fear is an emotional response and like all emotional responses cannot be prevented or dispelled. Saying, “Don’t be afraid,” is an exercise in futility. There is not reason, no right, and no wrong about it.

Some fear is beneficial. It narrows focus in decision making, and with a burst of adrenalin gears the body up to take action. In response to the fear of a perceived threat, an immediate decision is made to fight or to flee.

Job, the man with all the patience you may have heard about, was subjected to an attack by the devil. But Satan wasn’t firing blindly. He knew just where and how to hit Job—his fears. When it happened, Job said:

“For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.”

Long term fear is the source undue stress. It affects our immune system, our mental capacity, and digestive system opening the door to every kind of ailment. If you fear illness, unfounded fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

To flee when no man pursueth… only adds shame to the fear, triggering a string of defense mechanisms in a downward spiral. Only a single defense mechanism is truly effective. Strangely it is the least harmful of all. Face the fear, experience the danger, perhaps even feel the pain, and break its hold on you.

You can wear a mask to hide from the virus until hell freezes over and you will not prevent it or keep it from others. It will run its course as surely was the waves of the ocean beat against the shore. When your mask comes of it will still be here.

All the mask wearing came as a precaution to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed… which never happened. But it worked well at stamping out freedom of assembly during an election year and ridding us of small, independent businesses, it became a political tool.

There are two courses to the end of the treat of the virus. Vaccination—for those into being injected with the virus and an added measure of heavy metals, or brave the illness if it comes and acquire your own immunity.

By the way, I’m the senior citizen with multiple health problems everyone seems so concerned about protecting with their masks and I prefer the second method. Yes, I know people who have died. It has not changed my mind.

I am a believer that if your days are done—they’re done. Take your precautions, I don’t believe in tempting Fate or the Universe or God whichever you believe in. But it must end there, or life does. In which case you’d just as well be dead.

Each day I come to a greater appreciation of Patrick Henry and his “Give me liberty or give me death!” For those masker wearers wishing my death, I join you. I’d rather be dead than live in the chains you are forging.


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