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Know Jack #243 Old Dog, New Tricks

While I certainly qualify as an old dog—in dog year’s I’m 462, I am still capable of learning new tricks. Well, they are not exactly new tricks, just new to me. I haven’t mastered the relaxing retirement trick yet. I’m still working 10-12 hour days during the week. However, I have learned to take most of the weekend off. For the moment anyway.

I have become a partner in House of Honor, a publishing company that is taking over the publishing of my books. I still have two novels with Tiwaz Press yet to be published.

I have been sitting in webinars on branding, advertising, financial records, strategic planning, and business start-up. Yeah, you can imagine how much fun that is for me. It’s a necessary evil, however.

I have also been working with authors about prospective books. We have a deal in place for a Christian themed western novel, The Red Bandana, to be published in January by a new author, Lydia Faye Lee. There is also a deal to publish my friend, Fallon Jackson’s, dark romance novel, Lady on the Edge in late summer 2021.

Between those two, we are going to re-release Bayou Moon under the House of Honor imprint. The final edit of Tracks, my Bigfoot novel, is in progress now. It is scheduled to launch on May 1, 2021. I am writing the sequel to Bayou Moon now, hoping to release it in June. It is tentatively entitled, Blood Moon.

I am planning to write a sequel to the Chanteuse for release next year if the original gets published by Tiwaz Press in time for that.

Besides writing and publishing, I am learning to edit by working aside my own editor, Elaine. We completed a final edit for Tiwaz Press yesterday and charged into Tracks today. We’re about halfway through that and plan to finish it tomorrow. It’s an ambitious plan, but at 462 dog years, how many more do I have?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday will find me selling rather than shopping. It’s time for a big push for Yuletide Chills, Festive Phantoms and Creepy Carousers. I love the stories in that book. I’m hoping Cameron Buckner will be narrating the story, “Now You See It” from Yuletide Chills on his new podcast, What If It’s True. It’s a great show for lovers of the paranormal.

How well I will learn these new tricks is uncertain. That I will take them all on with my usual head down, full-speed-ahead manner is without question. But, never fear, I will still be writing this blog in my spare time.


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