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Know Jack #242 Community and Freedom

Saw a post about freedom on Facebook this morning and my inability to keep my mouth and my mind closed jumped right on it. It seems now freedom is defined, by some, as love of community. Of course, there will always be people to post crap like that. Somewhere in their scattered thought process, they may even believe it.

Belief in this error is growing, and the rest of us should be aware of how and why. The “how” is fear. The “why” is control.

Control is the function of government. The Constitution was written as it was to limit governmental controls. Yes, that makes it harder to get laws passed. It slows down “progress”. It makes government unwieldy at times… especially when it comes to change.

This was the intent of the document.

Speed is too often the enemy of deliberation. Taking time to think things over is increasingly going out of fashion. Media driven popular opinion is the new King George. Ironic, the government slowed by Constitutional procedure has employed a snail’s pace to work toward its goal. Since control is the function of all governments… complete control is its ultimate end.

The American government has been creeping toward this end since December 20, 1860, when a voice of opposition that could not be silenced called for resistance to governmental overreach.

The consent of the people was the foundation of the Republic and the only legitimate reason for government in this country. In the name of the community and the common good, the government, by force of arms, quenched the call of the governed to withdraw their consent.

I haven’t the time for a history lesson… you may be abandoning me here for having gone too long.

But the government freed from the idea of an unarmed withdrawal of consent pressed on. Executive orders and regulatory agencies have replaced the legislative process. Meritocracy crippled Presidential action, and the courts have abrogated their authority in all but the pursuit of popular opinion.

To submit to governmental wishes is safety for all. Individual expression is selfish and dangerous. We are being divided and conquered by stay at home orders, forced from our workplaces and social gathering that spread ideas and unrestricted conversation.

Small independent business is being crushed or browbeaten into compliance with orders that do nothing but advance governmental control. The mega businesses have joined the government.

Have you noticed ordering goods or services now requires you to submit? We are being trained at every turn to surrender of freedom for the “safety” of government. “We’re all in this together,” “Sat at Home, Save Lives,” “Freedom is Love of Community.”

Read that call to action button before you click on it next time. It doesn’t say Send, Transmit, Join, or Reply… it says it clearly—Submit. And well it should, you just agreed without reading them their policies about invading your privacy.

I value community that is why I insist on freedom of thought and action. Real diversity is the free exchange of our humanity. “We Are The World,” is a homogenized collection of automatons marching to “two legs good, four legs bad.”

The death of consent to government and personal liberty is certain. Lady Liberty is on hospice and we are cowering in fear of a virus with a greater than ninety-nine percent survival rate.

I volunteered once long ago. I don’t mind doing so again. I would gladly have exchanged my place with one the 0.02%. I am a 66-year-old with diabetes, metal in my back, and high blood pressure. I made no attempts to hide from the virus. In my line, facing fears, and even death is preferred to willful surrender.

Unfortunately, for my enemies, I lack that special zing and fell into 99.98% who caught the disease and lived. My prayer now is to die before freedom does.

Sound radical? God, I hope so. I hope it echoes like “Give me liberty or give me death!”


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