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Know Jack #241 Be

Dallas, got a soft machine— Houston, too close to New Orleans—New York got the ways and means—But just won’t let you be. The Grateful Dead

What does it mean to “be”? Is it, as Hamlet proposed to simply continue to exist… to go on living as circumstances and others demand? Or is life—being something more than that?

Not much has changed since the song was written. In New York, they still won’t let you be, in a great many ways. How is your state of being?

I have no magic words of wisdom to tell you that will suddenly make your life worth living. I write words that entertain. Words designed to allow you to escape life for a time and live inside our combined imaginations. Escape can be addictive, and addiction no matter how seemingly benign is no way to live and be all you are.

Imagination, ah, that’s something else. Imagination is key to being. A life imagined is a life that can be lived. Somewhere buried inside you are the words, born of imagination, that you must tell yourself… words that you alone can bring to life. Words of being the person you know yourself to be.

They may be words of adventure, honor, inspiration, confidence… words of love. You know them. They are your words, words that tell you how to be in the best life possible. They are the words you use to write your life and they are at your command.

Health and, by implication, healing, whether the healing is emotional, physical, or spiritual are all things you know how to do. Physicians, psychologists, and pastors are not the healers, they are advisors—you are the healer. Listen to your body, your soul, your spirit and heed the words they tell you… write them on your actions.

In those actions, imagination becomes reality. Your life, your state of being, is dependent on you. Dare to imagine the you inside, and little by little, stepping like a baby trying their legs for the first time, stumble, fall, get up again, and make it happen… be.


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