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Know Jack #240 Don’t Fear The Virus

Franklin Roosevelt told America in his first inaugural address that the country had nothing to fear but fear itself. The devastating effects of fear on a group of stressed people was not new to the Great Depression. While Roosevelt was trying to combat those effects with social programs, Hitler and Mussolini were using it to amass power and enslave their people.

Forty years later Bob Dylan told us the times were a-changing. Times change, people, as a species do not. So, we find ourselves two decades into a new century still the same slaves to fear we have always been.

But we have only just begun to explore the depths of what Americans will do with their virus phobias. Yesterday as I attempted to pull away from my parking spot, my way was blocked by a self-appointed guardian of the good of all. She felt I should not be allowed to leave my home because, having had the virus only a month ago, I might be contagious.

When I asked her to move the car, I got punched for my trouble. This lady knew nothing of my stance on equality and for just a moment felt safe in striking me. That fantasy dissolved at light speed and for a few moments, she not only knew real fear but was truly in danger of serious injury.

Hitler convinced his people to commit atrocities by dehumanizing Jews, gypsies, and eastern Europeans. The American people are well on their way to doing the same to one another. Make no mistake when you swallow the fear and lies foisted on the many media sources, you are not being informed, you are being indoctrinated--with fear.

Though it may kill, don’t fear the virus…fear those it drives to insanity. They are the far greater danger. A virus may decimate a segment of the population, fear will not stop short of genocide. The Black Plague killed about 34% of the population of Europe. Fifty-eight percent of the world’s Jews died in the Holocaust. People are much more effective killers than illness... and they about to be turned loose with impunity.

To allow time for other opinions of the greatest disease facing us today I offer the following link to YouTube.


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