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Know Jack #239 Looking Forward

Veterans Day is behind us, and I am glad to see it go. That may sound strange for a veteran to say, but I never claimed to be other than strange. Well, there was that one time I claimed to be a nice guy and finished appropriately in that endeavor.

I guess the thing that makes Veterans day a real downer for me is the fact that I have a fairly good memory. Maybe, in ten years I will enjoy the day. I just can’t seem to see as sincere all the “our heroes” and “thank you for your service” bantered about so freely.

I think it is harder for us baby killers to don new titles than it is for it to roll off the public’s tongue. Anyway, it all sounds hollow to me, no matter how sincere. That’s my problem, I suppose, but I’m not trying to solve it.

I’m quick to forgive those who ask for forgiveness. I make more than an average share of mistakes. I am slow to forgive those who don’t believe they need it. It is the miraculous working of God when I forget.

I prefer Memorial Day and walking the headstones to handshakes and free meals at chain restaurants. Those are the true heroes. I see those three war stones and think, “Damn, bro, we didn’t deserve you.”

But it’s not about being deserving, it is about how willing we are to give of ourselves. There is not greater service anyone can do than to love one another.

To that end, I am turning my attention to Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for this year. It will take me a couple of weeks to name everyone and everything that I am blessed with.

I hope those of you whose name I will bring before God already know how much you mean to me. Nevertheless, I will do my best to personally thank you between now and the time I sit down to turkey. I hope over those weeks you will experience the love of God.


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