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Know Jack #234 Going Up.

It is a sworn duty of business owners to accost their fellows in elevators to pitch what they do and why the other car riders need to do business with them. This is called their Elevator Speech or Elevator Pitch.

This is a preferred means of authors to corner publishers. It clashes with my reserved nature that directs me to mind my own business. Of course, the case can be made that this is my business and it’s acceptable, even desirable to confront strangers in elevators.

I can’t help but wonder however, what that would be like if my business was the gospel of Jesus. I wonder how many business experts would find it acceptable for me to approach them with that pitch for the kingdom of God?

Yeah, not many. Situational ethics spotlighted for you. Louisiana rougarous are okay… Jesus is not. I believe in a time for everything and in the value of a word fitly spoken, but an elevator pitch is neither. It is blatant sales of my stuff and my interests.

That was today’s mini lecture on ethics. Now for the pitch.

Hi, I’m Jack LaFountain senior partner at House of Honor. We are a veteran owned publishing company that’s transforms well written stories into voyages of imagination. We bring together readers and authors on their human journey free of mainstream formulas. Where would you like us to take you?

I had a chance to use this yesterday and failed to do so. I stopped in at a local coffee shop but before the pitch. The owner and I got to talking about Yuletide Chills and the fact that his shop has been the subject of multiple paranormal investigations and he was showing me some creepy pictures he took in the upstairs apartment.

Maybe I would have been more comfortable if he had an elevator. Anyway we are waiting to see if this ends up in a holiday book signing event.


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