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Know Jack #229 Social Justice Warriors Unite!

In ancient times when I went to high school, some of the English classes required reading included a little book titled Animal Farm. This was not one of my requirements. I read it for fun… and I still get a little amused chuckle from Orwell’s book. The source of my mirth is renewed every time I hear social justice warriors speak.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading it, put it on your bucket list. Meanwhile, I will recap. The animals on the farm, led by the pigs, revolt and throw off their human masters. To ensure justice for all the pigs introduce measures for animal equality and social wellbeing. Essentially the same practices men used but “better” because the animals are doing it.

The pigs undergo and amazing transformation over time…guess who they become? If you said the same human creatures, they despised…go to the head of the class.

You cannot obtain justice, institute equality, or relieve oppression by turning those same things on those perceived to be guilty without becoming unjust, unequal and oppressors yourself.

Despite Orwell’s lesson which is based on historical cycles of humanity, social justice warrior never learn that their hypocrisy will transform them rather than history or society.

Set asides, affirmative action, special entry ramps (I’m not talking about wheel chairs here), “weighted” test scores and criterion, predeterminations based on race, gender, life-style, and religion are not only wrong, they are self-perpetuating evils.

“Two legs bad, four legs good!” Come on shout it with me.


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