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Know Jack #227 Lion!

The slothful man saith, There is a lion in the way; a lion is in the streets.


Sloth is one of the so-called seven deadly sins. Now, I don’t believe one sin is really more deadly than another. I do have a particular dislike for sloth, especially when it prevents a man from doing his duty. In my strange, twisted mind, there is no excuse to neglect duty.

Maybe it is because I have experienced the empowering feeling of simply showing up to honor your word. I have experienced failure to win a victory. I have suffered pyrrhic victories and been dismissed as worthless by those I loved. I will not promise to stand up next to you…but, if the cause is just, I will get there first and save you a place to stand.

Heard a little while ago VFW Post 4190 that I joined last month is closing in a hysterical response to a freaking virus. Oh my God, I’m so glad I was never in a position to rely on any of these people in wartime.

I have never been more disgusted with those who served in the military than at this moment. I guess I should not be surprised the active forces are doing the same cowardly thing. That God no WWI vets are alive to see this.

We are at the point in this country that if you are wearing a mask, you are the problem…not the solution. The answer is to come out and face the danger head on. Let’s pretend we are the real men and strong women y’all post about all the time. Or maybe we should quit pretending we are public servants and start calling ourselves the cowards that we are.

I just left a bookstore where the owner was afraid to handle the book I handed her. I was there as promised, only to be told they the store was reneging on its word to hold an open-air signing because of the lion in the street.

I’m in the book selling business, but I’ll be damned if I will allow people like that to stock or sell my books. I know that is poor business practice, but a poorer practice of humanity.

Folks I know are being treated as unclean like lepers of old because, despite wearing their masks, they got sick, as if the mighty mask was the answer. Immunity is the answer, but our government would rather bury our society and our freedom in vain attempts to battle symptoms rather than get to the root of the problem.

All you trusting in the carrot of a vaccine, please, remember the fantastic job the CDC did with the last couple of flu vaccines. They could guess the right strains and people died of the flu because they were vaccinated for a strain that didn’t show up. These are the “experts” you have put your trust in.

Tremble in your homes, America--there’s a lion in the street. I’m going out to stroll with the beast and kick his ass if he doesn’t like it. I don’t expect to find many people there, but I will shake your hand (without gloves) when we meet.


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Teresa Lynn
Teresa Lynn
06 nov. 2020

Let’s go!

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