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Know Jack #226 Do I Have a Fever?

Forget fever, for now. Do you have pain in your legs? It could be a sign of deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, a condition that can lead to heart attack or stroke. I’m Dr. Feelgood and if you’ve experienced leg pain you should visit your doctor or hospital.

Yep, heard that commercial on Pandora today. There’s another one like it for atrial fibrillation---I think it was the same doctor. I thought wow, nothing like borrow on advertising strategies that work.

I’ve been taking classes about marketing and attracting customers and this doctor has got the right idea.

Vague symptoms, deadly outcome, generating unfounded fear and resulting in needless tests (and, if you insist, a prescription). It’s a tried a true method that is sweeping the world. I look for more doctors to get on board for diseases in their specialty. Why not? If it works for Dr. Fauci, it can work for them too.

I can hardly wait to hear a gastroenterologist or a surgeon touting the 5Fs for a bad gall bladder and urging an immediate ultrasound. The 5Fs? Yes they are real and they are out there probably stalking your gall bladder as we speak. No, I’m not telling you what they are…you don’t need an ultrasound.

There’s nothing like fear to sell modern medicine. One statistic I would love to see is the revenue generated from CoVid 19 tests. I just thought the stampede to the ER in flu season was crazy. It doesn’t begin to compare with the hysteria virus.

By the way, the routine CDC testing in flu season went on until the presence of flu was confirm, then it stopped and doctors treated everyone with symptoms as if they had it. They did not test indefinitely or eternally which ever is longer. But at $50 a test…woo hoo! Let’s test!

Can your mind wrap itself around that many pictures of General Grant? Nice allegory though Grant was willing to throw endless lives into the meat grinder to win his point.

I suppose I could get really animated about it all, if I cared. The number one thing to remember about advice be it medical, dietary, spiritual, or relationships is that nobody gives a flying fudgsicle if it’s not what they want to hear. I only continue to speak at all because, every so often I get that little chance for an unspoken, “I told you so.”


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