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Know Jack #224 Unmask! Unmask!

The horror of Poe’s Red Death is mere child’s play compared to the tales of terror and certain death woven by journalists today in peddling fear to the faint of heart and mind.

It was a little before my introduction to the church world, but I do recall the fervent preaching of my Pentecostal forebearers that television was a “thief and a robber” that would over time steal viewers hearts, mind, time, and self-will. As is the course with the truly divine driven message, they were correct and roundly ignored, poo-pooed as narrow minded bigots unable to see the future.

In fact, they saw the future too well.

The crippling fear in this country created and perpetuated by the media and their masters has pushed people beyond reason into insanity. They see CoVid killer lurking in every shadow, hiding under their beds, and behind every unmasked face. This is not reality…this is sensationalism at its most evil.

Does this virus kill people? Yes. Does it kill those it’s not supposed to kill? That depends on how you see life and death. My answer is, No, it does not. You are no safer hiding behind a mask cowered in a corner of your home than unmasked walking down a crowded street.

It is appointed for us once to die, and very few of us appreciate the proximity of our appointment time. Those who know, live like life is precious and waste nothing of it. The rest worry about stretching their time, if they think of it at all.

But I want to tell you something about this virus that you will not hear elsewhere. You are free to ignore what I have to say, as most of you always do. My background is not filled with experiences that tend to knowledge, if it were, I should be seen as more worthy than I am.

I confess here that I have tried for seven months to get this virus. Multiple sources that plead with me to wear a mask can attest to what I say. Obviously, I was not very good at tracking it down in the dark corners where it lives or, as the media would have us believe, I should have contracted the virus in March.

It was only my lack of talent and flair that prevented me from catching the dread disease until last weekend. Yes, I have a case of the virus causing all they hysteria.

I have had worse summer colds. I say that to testify to my friends, who tell me I never outwardly show how truly sick or hurt I am, that this was absolutely the case.

Does that mean the virus is harmless? No, not really. But, it also means it is not the sure killer the media claims it to be either. Do you have friends or loved ones taken by the virus? My sincere sympathy for your loss, death is so seldom a welcome visitor in our lives. Would that you could get equally as charged to do battle with heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. However, the media isn’t talking about those things, is it?

If you’re diabetic, eating without regard to treating your disease, rip that damn mask off! You are not afraid of a slow whittling away of your body and organs followed by death, so quit acting like you are!

We will live until our appointment time. How we live is up to us. We can invest in the same mistakes we know and love, we can sit idly waiting watching television in the lobby or stand the hell up and charge life head-on.

A group of lepers once sat outside the walls of a besieged Jerusalem. Starvation awaiting them inside the city as surely as it did if they sat where they were. Reasoning among themselves, they decided to go out and throw themselves to the enemy because they were going to die where they were, they were going to die if they retreated, and the worse them enemy could do was kill them.

When they reached the enemy camp, they found it deserted with all the enemy’s treasures still in the tents. Sometimes all that is required to win is simply to show up.


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