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Know Jack #220 Super Size Me

Since I told you last time what I hate about writing, let me demonstrate for the depths of my insanity. Sometime around last Christmas a fan asked me if I would write a western without a werewolf. The spirit was willing. I wasn’t sure about the flesh. Even my Christmas stories are full of ghosts and various creepy things.

There are just some people so nice that I hate to disappoint them. I said I would try…and I did. I finished the first draft of the book about a month ago and handed it off to my editor and publishing partner.

She had a lot of trouble with the female character I created. I call that karma because God knows I had a hell of a time with the character myself. I know nothing about women and my editor has a notarized copy of that as proof.

Here’s the crazy part. My editor loved the story. My one-shot western story Mann of God has become Mann of God the series. The first installment is now titled The Red Bandana and I hung myself on the hook to write at least two more books.

Now, you know I don’t mind the writing, but as you found out last post, I hate marketing, then turned around and committed myself to yet more marketing…crazy, right? I am reserving final judgment (and the commitment papers) until the fan I started this for reads Red Bandana.

Meanwhile, I am sitting here writing the sequel to Bayou Moon, Trails of Trouble, and The Chanteuse. Sweet misery…I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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